Sonya Bernard-Hollins on WKZO

The name of Merze Tate has been highlighted through the media. From National Public Radio, to the Michael Eric Dyson Show, she has been a topic of interest.

Sonya Bernard-Hollins on WKZO with Lori Moore discussing the Tate-Stone Travel Writers Academy.


Sonya Bernard-Hollins with radio host Jim McKinney


Sonya with Travel Club student Claire Khaibery and host Keith Rowe of Monday Night Live


Sonya (second from left) poses with women of the Grand Rapids Study Club and Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council and Time to Talk Live show host Argie Holliman.


Sonya (seated second from right) poses with members of the inductees of the 2012 Battle Creek Central High School (Michigan) Hall of Fame in recognition of Merze Tate, class of 1922.